Lippylala – what’s in a name?

Welcome to Lippylala Publishing.

I love books & learning & writing. So, self publishing seemed like a natural step.

I started writing a blog Liz Biz in January this year and found I truly enjoyed the whole process of writing and structuring thought.

Over the weekend I started another blog Mud Woman which will tell the story of my dream plans to self build an offgrid sustainable cob home.

And tonight I’ve started this blog which will specifically share, chat and learn about self publishing.

Lippylala – where did that come from I hear you ask?

When I moved to Ireland from Oz (that’s Australia – not Toto land) 15 years ago I set up an email address that had Lippylala as its name. When my sister and one of my brothers were little they couldn’t say Elizabeth or Lizzy (my name) so they called me Lippy or Lala. As a link to my family and home I used Lippylala.

Lippylala. Every time people hear it they smile and it’s been a real ice breaker when potential and new clients asked for my email address.

I renamed my consultancy Focused Solutions and changed the email address but I still loved the name Lippylala.

So – I named 2 of my other ethical enterprises – Lippylala (another story) and Lippylala Publishing.

In the back of my mind I’ve had the idea for the self publishing business for years and it’s only through a number of recent serendipities that I’ve brought it to life.

Ah serendipities – don’t you love them? They are the fairy child of synchronicities – magic and connections that happen as you wander through a day doing other things.

A month ago I decided I wanted to work towards self building my own cob home (and you can read all about it at Mud Woman) and ordered all the best books on cob building, permaculture, biodynamic gardening, natural building … from Walnut Books in Cork.

Now I can’t say enough in praise of Nora and the wonderful books she sells (as an aside – getting books delivered to the door is like multiple … christmases) and we have gotten to email chatting as I order and she organises the books. I mentioned that I would be writing a diary/workbook on the whole cob building experience and printing it myself in Singapore (where another brother, Marc, is a creative designer and knows a fab printer – keep it in the family) in 2010. She offered to sell it. I’m thrilled.

I also sent her a pdf of a workbook I wrote last year (and my brother designed) called Life Dreaming. She loved it and I’ll be doing a wee bit of editing and then getting it printed in Singapore for release through Walnut Books in early 2008.

All fab and it links to doing what I love – sharing information through beautiful design.

In my next posts I’ll be talking about simple but important stuff like registering a business name and getting ISBN numbers.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing.

Oh yeh – Marc just designed the logo for Lippylala Publishing (as he did for Focused Solutions and Life Dreaming) and it’s the header for this blog. It captures me and the fun that we can all have – whatever we are doing. Nothing po faced in my corral folks.
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